Educational addition board game "Monstromatics"

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Through the boundless space, monsters are looking for a planet suitable for life. Only your cleverness and ability to count can help you reach one!
Monstromatics is a game that will easily help children learn how to add numbers from 1 to 50!
Move around the field by adding the results of your dice rolls and reach the finish line first.
But it's not that simple! In our game you will find various tasks to improve your logic, imaginative thinking and physical endurance Cool characters and an exciting plot will help you dive into the cosmic world of adventure.
Contents: playing field 11x16 in, 27 cards with tasks, 8 heroes and a playing die
Box size: 12x8.5x2 in
Suitable for children of six years old and older.
Код 000033321
Страна Україна
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