Reusable stickers game "This is the World"

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Are you ready for a trip around the world? Then let's depart together along with the educational game "This is the World"! 83 stops, where you will see various animals and plants, cultural monuments, and new achievements of mankind, are waiting for you. "This is the World" is not just a game, but a real guide to the world of fascinating geography!
The game contains:
+ Reusable stickers that stay sticky for a long time;
+ Realistic illustrations;
+ A large poster in the form of a map you can decorate your home with.
Contents: game board 41x60 cm, 83 reusable stickers, box with a drawstring.
Box size: 30.5x4x21cm.
Suitable for children of five years old and older.
Код 000032231
Страна Україна
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